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Sustainable Foods Deli



With South Pacific Flavour


Good Day Deli is a Sustainable Foods Deli serving a mix of healthy, local, seasonal, organic and fair trade foods with a commitment to sustainability throughout our food chain.

We are a casual cafe serving tasty  breakfast, brunch and lunch with subtle South Pacific influences from New Zealand and the Cook Islands where co-owner Kristin is from. We're all about the best quality foods and sweet treats, speciality coffees and drinks, super service, a positive attitude and an inspiring atmosphere.

At Good Day Deli we aim to inspire vibrant, healthy and sustainable lifestyles in Ireland by empowering people to make good food choices that will boost health and wellbeing; elevate local producers; support animal welfare; and protect the environment now and for future generations.


Garden Cafe, Nano Nagle Place, Douglas Street, Cork

021 4322107

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Visit Good Day Deli in the beautiful gardens of Nano Nagle Place!

Good Day Deli is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 5pm, serving food to 4pm.

We are situated within the beautiful gardens of Nano Nagle Place, surrounded by nature, overlooking Cork City. To visit Good Day Deli,  please come to the main entrance of Nano Nagle Place on Douglas Street and make your way to the garden where you'll find us!

On weekdays, we serve breakfast from 10am to 12.30pm and lunch from 12.30pm to 4pm. We serve BRUNCH ALL DAY on the weekends, with some lunch items also after 12.30pm.

We take bookings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 16 people. We do not take bookings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

We are a busy little cafe and do our very best to accommodate all of our visitors. Please note that it is our policy to seat a party/table when all guests arrive. We work on a queue system and are not able to hold tables until the party/table is on site.



Balanced Mix of Healthy + Decadent Food




Sustainable food nourishes us, protects the natural environment and supports thriving local economies and communities.

At Good Day Deli we believe that sustainable food is made up of various combinations of the following values.

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Local + Seasonal

At Good Day Deli, we support a network of passionate producers to help us serve the best local and seasonal produce to our guests when and where possible.

Irish vegetables and fruit grow and are harvested naturally within seasons. In season produce is fresh, tastes better and provides better nutrition. By buying directly from local farmers, we reduce transport and air miles, drive demand for their produce and practices and support a thriving local economy. 

70% of organic produce sold in Ireland is imported and 30% is produced domestically from 1.2% of agricultural land. As conscious consumers, we can seek out and drive demand for local farmers to shift towards organic practices.


We aim to source organic food as much as possible. As we will serve delicious nut and lentil burgers, not all of our ingredients will be sourced in Ireland - but most will be organic!

Organic farming  produces high quality produce while protecting soil and water and respecting the ecosystems and cycles within which it is produced. Organic food production does not use artificial fertilisers and pesticides, has high animal welfare standards and works in harmony with the environment.

Organic may cost a little extra but the value far outweighs the price, as it aims to protect our health and the beautiful natural environment for future generations.

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Vegetarian + Vegan

At Good Day Deli we have a wide range of vegetarian and vegan choices. Eating more vegetables, fruit, pulses and grains along with smaller amounts of ethically produced eggs and dairy products is considered to be better for your health and leaves a lighter footprint on the environment.

In terms of natural resources, plant based foods are a more efficient protein source than meat (WRI) with less impacts on the environment in terms of land use, water use and Green House Gas emissions.

Sustainable Seafood

Good Day Deli sources Irish fish species caught by local fleets using responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

We will work with fishermen and suppliers that are certified with BIM (Bord Iascaigh Mara) and Responsible Irish Fish, and are committed to sustainable stock management and targeting under-utilised species.

If a fish is not from Irish waters or from a sustainable fish stock, it will not make it onto Good Day Deli's menu.



Waste Minimisation

Minimising food and packaging waste is key to saving natural resources and energy. Globally, food loss and waste uses 21% of freshwater, 19% of fertiliser, 18% of cropland, 21% of landfill volume (FAO) = That's crazy and unsustainable!

We aim to minimise our waste by using data to forecast quantities of ingredients required, by re-using when possible, by recycling, by only providing bio-degradable products for take outs and composting organic waste on site. 

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Fair Trade

Fair Trade products guarantee improved labour conditions and higher pay in plantation agriculture and among producer cooperatives in developing (and some developed) countries.

Fair trade certified producers must support local economic development efforts, democratic processes, and direct relations between buyers and sellers.

For imported products such as coffee and chocolates, Good Day Deli will seek Fair Trade Certification.