Mana Tiaki

The core value of Mana Tiaki is guardianship of Cook Island Culture, heritage and the environment for future generations.

Mana Tiaki is a beautiful value to live by + is at the core of Good Day Deli - in life and in business.

We believe that our daily food choices are a tangible, positive way that we as individuals can take responsibility for the planet, and drive demand for a sustainable future for all.

Our strong love and connection to the Cook Islands and New Zealand is because Kristin is from both of those magnificent countries in the beautiful South Pacific. It is his Tūrangawaewae, his place of belonging.

We've learned a lot from living on that side of world and apply this inspiring value to our vision for Good Day Deli.



Sustainable food

Sustainable food is good food. 

Sustainable food feeds and nourishes us, improves our health, protects the natural environment and creates thriving local economies. 

Sustainable food is environmentally conscious. It is natural, local, seasonal, organic and ethically produced. It has shorter supply chains and lower transport miles. It is food that is healthy for us and the environment now and for our future generations.

We believe it is our responsibility to make good food choices that benefit our health and protect the environment and ecosystems where our food comes from. It is our responsibility to bequeath the beautiful land and sea that we love to the billions of others that will follow us.




"Sustainability's goal is to create opportunities, not limit options"

Good Day Deli is underpinned by an ethical and environmental ethos and strategy. 

Our aim is to drive demand for sustainable food chains, resulting in wider economic, environmental and social benefits.





We are a Sustainable Foods Deli Company with environmental and social objectives. We aim to offer placements and pathways to employment for people who would like to take the first step.

We aim to source produce and products from local community gardens and projects, supporting a wider network of social enterprises and charities in Cork City.



Through our social media and workshops we aim to empower and make our customers feel good about supporting sustainable food chains and becoming more aware of food choices that are better for health and wellbeing, the environment and animal welfare.

We do all of the research on our ingredients and products, so our guests don't have to!

There are so many passionate and knowledgeable people in Cork and Ireland who have extensive knowledge on sustainable food to share.

We will collaborate with these growers, gardeners, chefs, baristas, roasters, researchers, consultants, students.... to deliver workshops, events and materials that  promote healthy and sustainable diets to all and not just those already converted. 



Conscious Consumerism

Conscious Consumerism is fast BECOMING a positive movement across the globe.

66% of consumers internationally say they are willing to pay more for products from companies committed to positive environmental and social outcomes —up from 55% in 2014 and 50% in 2013. Internationally, consumers are taking responsible action for world, and they expect the same from corporations (Neilson, 2015).

As consumers we can drive demand for systematic change through our daily food choices and purchasing decisions. These choices are a positive and tangible way that we as individuals can take responsibility for the planet.

At Good Day Deli we want to challenge the "tree-hugging" perception of protecting the environment and inspire behavioral change with viable options... slowly and surely, and starting with food.