CLARE and kristin have been developing Good Day Deli's concept of a sustainable foods DELI for over 5 Years.

Clare and Kristin share 18 years of experience in the food and hospitality sector. Since 2009, they have lived together in Ireland, New Zealand and the Cooks Islands, nurturing their values of protecting the environment and their love of good food.

Kristin is a New Zealander with Cook Island heritage. He has years of hospitality experience and a passion for cooking and baking, organic gardening and sustainable food production. Kristin applies his Cook Island cultural values to food souring and preparation. He believes strongly in being connected to the source of the food that we eat and providing a community environment through food.

Clare’s professional experience in environmental economics, natural resource management and food chains provides her knowledge of the interdependencies between food and the environment. She believes that every day good food choices are the tangible and positive way to empower people in facing environmental issues such as climate change.

Good Day Deli came runner up for best business idea in Cork City in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur last year. Since then, Clare and Kristin have been bringing together an experienced, passionate and committed team to make their vision a reality.



At Good Day Deli, our mission is to inspire happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyles in Ireland by empowering people to make good food choices that will boost health and wellbeing, elevate local producers, champion animal welfare, and protect the environment now and for future generations. 




The Good Day Deli logo of a Cook Island Hibiscus represents happiness, fun, openness, the cycle of life and nature. It represents the sustainable loop of our supply chain from sourcing to composting and the restorative and regenerative nature of the circular economy. It symbolises the fun, positive and welcoming experience that Good Day Deli offers.