NANO NAgle PLace

Nano Nagle Place is an unexpected oasis in the centre of bustling Cork City.

It is a state-of-the-art educational and heritage facility set across 3.5 acres on Douglas Street. The development is a stunning display of history and contemporary design that celebrates the legacy of Nano Nagle and captures the essence of Cork culture.

The complex houses an interactive heritage centre, garden oasis and beautiful gift shop. It is a place that celebrates Nano Nagle’s vision of empowerment through education, community inclusion and spiritual engagement for a changing world.

This extraordinary, spiritual place has been redeveloped by the Presentation Sisters to celebrate the history of Nano Nagle and to create a special place for the people of Cork City.

Good Day Deli is located within the beautiful walled garden.

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shared vision

Good Day Deli and Nano Nagle Place are extremely well aligned. We share the same ethos of education, social inclusion and sustainability.

Together we promote health and wellbeing, protect the environment for future generations and provide a retreat where people can learn, feel connected and be nourished with good food while enjoying Cork’s natural landscape, heritage and culture.



We Share the Same

Ethos of Education,

Social Inclusion and

Sustainable Living

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